Updated: 17th March 2018

18 Real-Life Locations That Inspired Disney

The beautiful worlds found in our favorite Disney movies are works of imagination, but even they are rooted in real-life locations. These images comparing some of Disney’s most iconic locations with their real-life counterparts will make you believe in magic!

The degrees to which Disney’s artists borrowed on these real-life sources can vary, but for most, the link is obvious. A number of Disney’s classics were also based on existing traditional fairy tales, meaning that the references to real-life castles were all the more appropriate.

(h/t: countryliving, whenonearth)

Sleeping Beauty – Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

Image credits: Fernando de Antonio

The Queen’s castle in Snow White was inspired by the Alcazar of Segovia, a castle found in central Spain. It was used, to various, for hundreds and hundreds of years by various Spanish monarchs until it was badly damaged by a fire in 1862. It stands on a cliff at the confluence of two rivers, giving it a shape similar to the prow of a ship.

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