Updated: 22nd March 2018

500-Pound Woman Is Inspired To Make Change After Shes Publicly Humiliated At Disneyland

Jacqueline Adan spent much of her life,too muchof her life, in hiding. She stayed inside to avoid public judgment of her appearance. At her highest weight, Adan weighed over 500 pounds.

But one pivotal moment humiliated her to the point of no return. At her favorite place in the world, Disneyland, she couldn’t fit through a turnstile. In fact, Adan got stuck.

I kind of got unstuck, Adan told CBS. I clawed my way out of there, didnt make eye contact with anyone.

She was embarrassed to the point of tears but the preschool teacher took that terrible moment and used it as her motivation to make a positive change. Now, five years later, Adan has dropped 350 pounds with only diet and exercise.

Her personal trainer, Bo Kelly, says that you only meet someone as determined as her once in a lifetime.

Unique? Absolutely 100 percent one of a kind, theres only one Jacqueline, said Kelly. But her story will go on to inspire many more like her.

While she still has 30 pounds of excess skin, Adan rocks her new body with pride. No longer afraid to leave the house, no longer living in fear of judgment, she is sharing her story with the world to inspire anyone who has ever felt like they were not good enough.

Whatever goal you have, if you work, believe in yourself, and keep going, you can achieve anything, Adan said. Anything is possible.

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