Updated: 17th March 2018

Bride Asks Sisters To Give Wedding Toast, And They Completely Blow Her Away With Disney Medley

Earlier this year, Susie and Luke Kasteel got married in a beautiful ceremony. At the reception, Susie’s sisters Sarah and Naomi Carter gave the newlyweds a special gift: a very unique wedding toast.

Susie had asked her sisters, who were also her maids of honor, to give a toast. She specified that if it had a Disney theme, she wouldn’t be upset.

So her sisters took that note and ran with it. Instead of doing a traditional toast, Sarah and Naomi decided to embrace the Disney theme and sing for Luke and Susie. The pair created a ten minute long medley of Disney songs, but changed the lyrics to pertain to their sister’s special day.

They used a variety of Disney classics, including “Be Our Guest,” “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You,” “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” and “A Whole New World.” And Susielovedit. Sarah told The Huffington Post, “Susie was smiling ear-to-ear during the performance, and we could tell she wanted to come up and join in. You can hear her chiming in with background vocals during ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight.’”

All three sisters are incredible singers, which makes sense because their mom was an opera singer.

And the Disney theme was extremely fitting as well; Sarah and Susie manage a company in which they perform as princess characters for children’s birthday parties. It seems that not only did Susie love the performance, but the rest of the wedding guests did as well.

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