Updated: 26th April 2018

Heres A First Look At Pixars Latest Adorable Short Film

If you’ ve seen Lava– the brief movie that preceded Inside Out — you ’ ll understand that Pixar wear’ t require a feature-length run-time making its audiences feel things.

Just under 6 minutes long, Lava informed the perfectly moving story of 2 lovelorn volcanoes, and practically broke our hearts while doing so.

Now, for Finding Dory, Pixar have actually made another brief movie that resembles it’ s going to be every bit as lovely as its predecessor.

Called Piper, it charts the experiences of a young sandpiper who’ s frightened of the ocean.

Check out a sneak peak here:

The director of this brand-new brief — Alan Barillaro — informed The Telegraph that he believed it’d enhance Finding Dory due to itsNorthern California setting, including:

“ It seemed like a character to me and a story that we hadnt informed, a bird thats horrified of the water.”

If you required another need to go see Finding Dory, now you have it …