Updated: 26th April 2018

She Found A Lanyard At Disneyland. When She Looked Closer, She Saw This Startling Note

She Found This Lanyard at Disneyland and was Shocked When She Read the Letter Inside

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to help change someone’s life; will you do what it takes when those opportunities happen? It may not always be easy, but in the end you’d know that if someone put for that same amount of effort for you… well… you get the picture!

Emily Gibby was working discovered a lost lanyard at Disneyland, California with somewhat of a strange letter inside. This was during the “Pin Release” event on March 24th. Emily’s no stranger to finding lost items on the ground, but this is the first time she’s ever found something that made her want to jump into action to return it.

This little red lanyard actually had a letter protected by the laminate casing, one that Emily didn’t know was going to touch her heart and the hearts of millions across the globe either. The letter reads: “Hello! I am autistic, and I dont talk much, but I would like to trade for Mickey pins!”

She had to return this to that poor kid, there was no way she couldn’t! After making it home she created a Facebook post asking her friends and colleagues for help – all after she filled the lanyard up with pins like the kid requested!

Even the greatest efforts can yield nothing, and Emily just wasn’t having any luck finding the owner. She kept updates on her Facebook page for those that wanted them and is still searching for the owner – she does ask that if you have any information that you call the Disneyland Lost & Found at (714) 817-2166.

In the meantime she’s using her new viral fame to promote autism awareness and hopes that the rest of her followers would do the same!

Along with the photo, Emily wanted to share this message as well:

“I have always known that people with autism have daily struggles that some of us will never realize, but recently I have learned that something as small as losing a possession could drastically change their day, week, or even their month This month I am challenging myself to learn more about autism so that I can clearly and efficiently communicate better to people that may have it. And I implore you to learn as well!”

Please share this story with your friends and family so we can find the owner of that little red lanyard!

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